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Ella Baker Center Action Fund (EBC Action Fund) works to build political power amongst people who have been impacted by institutions of punishment and policing and supports candidates and measures that align with our shared vision of a liberated future. Organizing alongside currently and formerly incarcerated people, their loved ones, families with low or no incomes, and Black and Brown people, EBC Action Fund mobilizes communities to change the institutions of power that have historically disenfranchised them.

"I use the term radical in its original meaning–getting down to and understanding the root cause." - Ella Baker

True change will not come until we are able to address the root causes that we’re facing today. EBC Action Fund focuses on supporting candidates who prioritize public health issues and reallocating resources from punitive criminalizing systems toward infrastructure that supports healing, accountability, opportunity, racial and economic justice.

EBC Action fund isn't a typical political organization. Instead of cozying up to powerful elected officials, EBC Action Fund will help build political power in our communities. Instead of co-governing with elected officials, we will hold elected officials accountable to promises made on the campaign trail. And instead of working alone, we will move in harmony with our network of progressive county-based allies.

Most importantly, people who are impacted by systems of punishment and policing are at the center of everything we do and are. At every chance, we create opportunities for those who have been impacted by systems of punishment and policing to confront, question, and support those in positions of power.